Travel Log – The details…

Some of you have asked that we post information on our adventure up to St. John’s Newfoundland for the Targa event.  If interested click on the photo below and this is where I will try to blog daily on where we’ve been, where we are, and random thoughts on traveling with Fish.

“Willy” is official

Today, Fish and I begin our trip East in The Enterprise hauling “Willy”. …yes, it’s official, the rally car now has a name and I am looking for everyone’s slogan ideas – like “Go Willy, Go! or “Willy make it?”. A friend suggested “Free Your Willy!” but that might not be appropriate…   Your thoughts?

Targa Here We Come!

Today Ed Millman, wife Suzanne and I got together to apply our “friends & sponsor” logos to the car.  As it turns out, it was fun and it began to strike home that our launch date is fast approaching.  (Fish and I leave in “The Enterprise” across country with the rally car on August 28th).  Here is the finished [...]

Targa Newfoundland “Hero Card”

We’ve been busy preparing for the Targa event.  The amount of “to-do’s” is staggering!  Something I don’t want to overlook are all the people that come out to the “car shows” during the event.  This is basically the lunch hour and evenings – most of which are in a different small town and all of [...]