Targa Here We Come!

Today Ed Millman, wife Suzanne and I got together to apply our “friends & sponsor” logos to the car.  As it turns out, it was fun and it began to strike home that our launch date is fast approaching.  (Fish and I leave in “The Enterprise” across country with the rally car on August 28th).  Here is the finished car but be sure to click on the photo before to see the whole story and many more pics.

Targa Newfoundland Sponsor Logos

The project of applying all the vinyl decals took about half a day and lots of patience.  Ed and Suzanne applied both their skills (Suzanne owned a design firm and Ed owns AdServices.com) in coming up with the decals.  This was a big project in and of itself.  After several mugs of coffee, the fun began.  Ed sizes up the rear quarter panel:

Ed - Targa Logos

Suzanne and Ed were a great team:

Sue and Ed FRR logos

Ed and Sue focus

I was pretty useless but enjoyed watching Suzanne at work:

Suzanne applying logo

I did however apply a few of the easier decals like this one:

FRR logo

…naw – I’m talking about the ChaseCam sticker…

Probably the toughest was the SinksOnline.com decal on the hood:

Logos - Front

I wasn’t sure about the green Suzanne chose for our own company’s logo, but as you can see it really pops!:

SOL logo

….and the final result:

Side Front Logos

Logos on Hood

Targa Newfoundland Bound


Targa Bound

Targa Logos Rear

The following shows the 18′ Featherlite in the background that will be loaded up in 2 days so the car can get it’s final “race prep” at Racecraft in Woodinville:

 Heading to Targa

One final photo – we made a few of these hats for the team:

Targa hats

Stay tuned for more of the adventure!

4 comments to Targa Here We Come!

  • Phil Rogovoy

    Car looks superb!! Good luck !! keep us informed. Phil Mitz Charlie and Super Nikki.

  • Doug Mill

    Jack (and Ed, too) – Your “2-OH-OH-2″ looks way too nice to go rallying! Your FlyingRubber team has done a beautiful job getting the car ready to go. From myself (and “Team Helton”, too) … I’m wishin’ you the BEST of luck! Go GETTUM!

    BTW, check out my “fb” home page for my competing in SPEED-TV’s “PINKS – All Out” last week-end. My ‘57 ran hard, as did my son’s Pro Street Nova!

    Again, GOOD Luck!!

  • Mike Jones

    Damn, that thing is spiffy!! Too pretty to rally, there will be NO ditch-hooking at Targa, and be sure to take plenty of spray cans of “Treez-be-Gone”, too!
    Seriously, the Bimmer really looks great, and Gretchen & I wish you both the very best of luck. Just remember to have FUN!

  • Steve Richards

    The car looks great. I always thought the co-drivers name goes on top on the do-drivers side….Ed?

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