Targa Newfoundland “Hero Card”

We’ve been busy preparing for the Targa event.  The amount of “to-do’s” is staggering!  Something I don’t want to overlook are all the people that come out to the “car shows” during the event.  This is basically the lunch hour and evenings – most of which are in a different small town and all of which invite folks near and wide to come view the cars.   This is a big part of the fun involved in the event so we’ve been putting together some “give-aways”.  Specifically some “squeeze balls” in the form of a Tire (yes, for the kids) and “hero cards” that are like a big postcard with info on the car, Ed and me and our sponsors.  Here’s the front of the Hero Card:

Front of Targa Newfoundland Hero Card - Flying Rubber Racing

For a more full size view, click here: Targa Hero Card – Front

And for the fun part – the back – click here: Targa Hero Card Back

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  • Mike Jones

    Good luck, guys. Go like hell – safely! I always thought that Targa Newfoundland would be a super-neat event, too. Glad you’re going to do it. Wish you the very best of luck! And, of course you know the first rule of rally? Always go off on the Co-Driver’s side! (Sorry, Ed!)

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