Tech Day at Targa

It’s Saturday here in St. John’s and the registration and tech day as well as a welcome party later tonight.  Registrations was fairly straightforward and we got lot’s of stuff – including more sponsor decals that were mandatory to put on the car.  We were given our numbers and Targa plates to temporarily replace Willy’s Historic Washington State plate.  Click on the photo below if you would like to see the rest of the photos.   Willy looks a bit cluttered:

More Stickers

Tech (scrutineering) took place at the Remax Center.  Here’s some pics:



Remax Center Srutineering

Remax Scrutineering

The final touch was the Targa license plate – this was a new one on me.  It shows our number (409):


Tech went well – a few items we forgot (3 safety triangles rather than just 1), but Fish and Suzanne did a lot of running around and we got things sorted out.  Our mechanic for the week, Jason, fixed a sway bar bracket that was broken and we started on a few other things.  We are headed back to the Remax Center where there is the first of many evening car shows, so we’re taking lots of “Hero cards” and the little rubber “tires” we have. 

Tomorrow is Prologue day – Drivers meeting in the morning, media photos afterwards, then two stages through St. John’s.  These stages will determine start order, but are more for “demonstration” and won’t count for points.  It will be our last opportunity to make sure we have everything sorted.  Should be a full day.  Monday, the event kicks off…

….to be continued…

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