Targa Newfoundland 2010

We’re back! Ed Millman, Suzanne and I are currently in St. John’s Newfoundland preparing for the upcoming Targa event that starts this Sunday. I will try to update this blog each evening as the event unfolds so for those that are interested, click on this story to follow our progress through what we now affectionately refer to as “The Ironman of Motorsports”.

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Targa Newfoundland In-Car Video

Ed Millman and his guys at Ad Services, just put together this video compiled from some of the in-car video we took during the event as well as many of the photos.  …and you gotta love the music…

Targa Newfoundland – The Event

The blog will have all the details of our week at Targa.  …it might be sparse for a while as we have virtually no time for blogging and internet access will be limited.   I’ll add more photos later (probably after the event) as time permits.  This morning (Sunday – prologue day) Suzanne and I look pretty relaxed after the drivers meeting:


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Tech Day at Targa

It’s Saturday here in St. John’s and the registration and tech day as well as a welcome party later tonight.  Registrations was fairly straightforward and we got lot’s of stuff – including more sponsor decals that were mandatory to put on the car.  We were given our numbers and Targa plates to temporarily replace Willy’s Historic Washington State plate.  Click on the photo below if you would like to see the rest of the photos.   Willy looks a bit cluttered:

More Stickers

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Everybody Loves Targa!

Navigator Ed Millman and my beautiful wife Suzanne made it in safely Thursday night so we all met for breakfast Friday morning.  While Ed and Suzanne struggled with jet lag, we got our act together and Ed and I drove out to Bell Island for our “practice day” – a class put on by Open Road Motorsports that was held on a nearby island community.  We fired Willy up and the story and more pics are to follow – just click on the pic below.  This was an amazing moment after our last practice stage after Ed and I wandered down to check out a corner that had given me fits earlier.  There seemed to be thousands of kids who came out to check out the “invasion” of their peaceful island.  We hadn’t anticipated what was to follow but this will give you an idea:

Bell Island KidsWe were asked to sign all their arms with our only writing instrument – a “Sharpie” – so these marks won’t be coming off for a while…

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We’re Here!

Fish and I have just arrived in St. John’s Newfoundland via a 15 hour ferry from North Sydney, Nova Scotia.  Click on the photo below if you want to see a few pictures of the crossing to “The Rock”.  If you are interested in some of the travel details from Whidbey Island, scroll down and click on the next story.   As we progress the the Targa Newfoundland event, it is my intent to blog daily on how the day went.  …I’m not sure this is realistic, but that’s the plan!  Tomorrow is a school on Bell Island, Saturday is a “media day” as well as car tech and a welcome party that evening.  Sunday is the “prologue” stages and then the event progresses through 2200 km of Newfoundland countryside through the week.  If you are interested in more info on Targa, check their website at www.TargaNewfoundland.com.

The photo below was just taken an hour ago right after we unloaded Willy.  We haven’t unstrapped the car since it left the Racecraft shop in Woodinville, Washington 4200 miles back.  He fired right up!

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Travel Log – The details…

Some of you have asked that we post information on our adventure up to St. John’s Newfoundland for the Targa event.  If interested click on the photo below and this is where I will try to blog daily on where we’ve been, where we are, and random thoughts on traveling with Fish.

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“Willy” is official

Today, Fish and I begin our trip East in The Enterprise hauling “Willy”. …yes, it’s official, the rally car now has a name and I am looking for everyone’s slogan ideas – like “Go Willy, Go! or “Willy make it?”. A friend suggested “Free Your Willy!” but that might not be appropriate…   Your thoughts?

Targa Here We Come!

Today Ed Millman, wife Suzanne and I got together to apply our “friends & sponsor” logos to the car.  As it turns out, it was fun and it began to strike home that our launch date is fast approaching.  (Fish and I leave in “The Enterprise” across country with the rally car on August 28th).  Here is the finished car but be sure to click on the photo before to see the whole story and many more pics.

Targa Newfoundland Sponsor Logos

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Targa Newfoundland “Hero Card”

We’ve been busy preparing for the Targa event.  The amount of “to-do’s” is staggering!  Something I don’t want to overlook are all the people that come out to the “car shows” during the event.  This is basically the lunch hour and evenings – most of which are in a different small town and all of which invite folks near and wide to come view the cars.   This is a big part of the fun involved in the event so we’ve been putting together some “give-aways”.  Specifically some “squeeze balls” in the form of a Tire (yes, for the kids) and “hero cards” that are like a big postcard with info on the car, Ed and me and our sponsors.  Here’s the front of the Hero Card:

Front of Targa Newfoundland Hero Card - Flying Rubber Racing

For a more full size view, click here: Targa Hero Card – Front

And for the fun part – the back – click here: Targa Hero Card Back